For your hosting account security and safety reason, we strongly advice all of our clients to follow the instruction below:

1- Please ensure that your password phrase consist a combination of numbers and characters (eg my1234car) especially for the access to your Clients Area / Helm / Cpanel / Email / Database / Ftp restricted area. Failure to routinely change your password will result a security breach to your account access thus resulting to a hosting downtime for cleanup & maintenance purposes.

2- Please make sure all your pc are install with the latest Anti Virus definition updates on daily basis. The best known and recommended by public rating Anti Virus performance is the Kasperksy Internet Security 2011.

3- Please ensure that you DO NOT save your cPanel, hosting accounts and web email password on your browser ‘Remember password’ features. Latest news from browsers hacking vulnerabilities is due to a malware and virus that successfully infected your PC and retrieved such password list from your favorite browser.

4- Please ensure that you DO NOT save your hosting account information in your Hard Disk, USB thumb drives or in any digital format such as Text file (.txt), image files (.jpg, .gif etc.), and office files (.doc, .xls etc). It is advisable to print and write it down on a paper to avoid being harvested by the possible malware(s) on your system.

5- Please ensure that before logging into your Cpanel or Webmail, you do not purposely installed or infected with any Keylogger application which spies and record everything that you have typed via keyboard strokes and auto-send all the information to hackers. If possible please use any virtual keyboard available by either your pc manufacturer trusted parties or Microsoft Windows OS On-Screen Keyboard utilities (Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility)

6- Please ensure that for customers who installed any Open Source CMS applications such as Joomla, Wordpress, Fusion, OS Commerce etc. on their web hosting accounts. You should be solely responsible to your application & module patches as well as any new security updates by subscribing to the system security newsletter offered or read their latest news from these CMS providers.

Additionally, be extra alert on any new update versions and carefully review any plugins / modules / components before installing them due to its code vulnerability and bugs.

As an advice if you're the Linux hosting subscriber please logon to Cpanel and click on the Fantastico application.

7- Finally, if happens that you have many login & passwords entries to various accounts, we recommend you to install KeePass tool which applicable in desktop and portable version (

For any enquiry, please do not hesitate to email us at the following, Thank you.

Friday, July 23, 2010

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