Dear Clients,

Beginning 1st May 2009, we regret to inform you that we will imposed a code restriction rules on the PHP 'Allow_url_fopen' function currently being made enable in our hosted website. This is due to security of all our servers. This rule will be applied immediately (default Allow_url_fopen set to disable) to avoid further disruptions and manipulation of unauthorized access to our server. If for any technical reason you insist us to allow the 'Allow_url_fopen' to be enable for your account, please email such request to We reserve the right of no liability of whatsoever outcome from your request if such vulnerability manipulation affected and destroyed your website account. Please ensure you update your script and change the cPanel username and password regularly since you will be responsible to your own account for enabling the vulnerability loopholes. If you hired a web developer (freelancer or commercial) to develop your website, please notify them on this security issues for an appropriate code replacement if such function being used in your website.

Regards, Technical Department

Saturday, May 2, 2009

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