Facts & Tips About Gumblar Attacks (iFrame Injection etc)

- Gumblar attacks generally maded with infected windows pcs

- Some viruses sniffing your pc’s traffic to network or internet and stealing password. Sending your passwords to his boss…

- There are no known password steal from saved passwords in FTP clients.

- Explorer is not a FTP client. Do not use Explorer as FTP client. Use Filezilla or similar ftp clients for FTP operations.

- Do not use regular FTP connection. Use FTPS, FTPES or SFTP ( which is usable at server ).  If your server is windows SFTP may not work.

- Do not store your passwords in plain text files. If you don’t want to save passwords in FTP client use Password Keeper utilities like Keepass

- Always make sure your account password (hosting account, email account, database password etc) using password based on small letter + big letter + numbers + symbol

- Use updated antivirus.  Some people saying “AV Slows my machine”. There is a simple rule. Slow and working pc is better than infected and crashed pc

Recommended Anti Virus:
- Kaspersky Internet Security
- Norton Internet Security

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