How to upload (Linux Hosting) ?

In this tutor you're about to learn how to upload your website content via FTP client software called FileZilla.

FileZilla is a freeware, so it means you can download it and use for free. A place to get it is i.e. FileZilla's homepage at

Once you downloaded and installed the program you'll be able to launch the program and proceed with uploading.

NOTE: You will need an FTP address of your site plus login name and password. It should be in the hosting information email you got from us after registering the hosting account and the payment has been made, please refer to it.

NOTE: Please make sure that your local internet settings (firewall and anti-virus) won't block you from connecting to the server on Port: 21

- To configure FileZilla to connect to your hosting account please click File - Site Manager - New Site and enter a name for the new connection settings.

- Please enter host name for example or temporary IP address (It should be in the hosting information email)
Servetype: FTP
Logontype: Normal
Username and password should be provided to you in hosting iinformation e-mail
Once you're sure the settings are correct click Save and Exit button

- Now After you returned to main program window click small arrow next to the computer icon top left to see drop-down menu. Pick your site name from the list to connect.

- Connection established. You will see some of folders of your site on the left side of the screen, One of the folders you see is your website main directory (public_html), the rest of them are system folders, any modifications you make to the system folders may damage your website structure

- Enter (double-click) your upload directory (public_html), Now find your website files you want to upload on your local machine (left-side folder tree and content). Simply select the files and drag-and-drop them to the right of the screen (inside public_html). You will notice the transfer progress on the bottom of the screen. If all is OK, your FileZilla window will show the files you uploaded on the right.

Congratulations! You have just uploaded the website. It should be visible in your internet browser

NOTE: Renamed your main page to index.htm or index.html or index.asp or index.php etc. Please note that you should name it under small alphabetic letters. In UNIX-like operating systems capitals are different symbols, Windows threats uppercase and lowercase letter as the same letter.

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